It would be surprising to know for many that India is the largest generic drug provider globally. Half of the global vaccine demands are supplied by the Indian pharma industry which makes the nation enjoy a very important position in the global pharmaceutical sector. This clearly shows that pharma manufacturers of India have a very bright future ahead. However, there are a few challenges too in the path.

Challenges faced by the Indian Pharma Industry:

  • The main problem that is faced by the pharma manufacturer India is the lack of research components and also the lack of good manufacturing practices in real-time. This has been a major problem for the pharma industry. Pharma companies must be built such that they are well equipped and have the facilities to operate which in turn will make them more able.
  • The Indian pharma industry does not make a lot of profits. In comparison to their foreign counterparts, the pharma manufacturers in India earn very low. This makes it difficult for the pharma manufacturer India to have enough funds to invest in various parts for research.
  • One major issue is that the pharma industry is highly dependent on China to get its supply of raw materials for its generic drug production.
  • India must get a very user-friendly policy by the government that lets the common man establish a small scale manufacturing plant for raw materials. This will help to improve the raw material availability and this will make it possible for amoxicillin clavulanic acid manufacturer in India as well as generic drug manufacturers to offer drugs at a very cheap rate.
  • The government should allow the industry to facilitate the community of pharmacists to become entrepreneurs and promote their establishments. It is also crucial that the raw materials that are produced in the small scale units are validated property which will ascertain its specifications of quality. For this, it is best to set up a functional testing lab in each state that helps to fasten the work of the raw material specifications.
  • Continuous education can also help to get skilled manpower. With the direct contact of the identified faculty or researchers, a research scheme should be initiated by this industry. The students who contribute towards the research forum or development should be paid incentives.
  • There are very highly qualified pharma students who are qualified to handle instruments and are good at data mining and data interpretation. However, you need to understand the significance of the instrumental data that needs interpretation. Such knowledge of the students’ needs to be explored.

The nation needs quality healthcare and this means that the pharma industry needs to develop faster. There have to be policies in place to develop strategies to produce raw materials units through government policies that are user friendly. The industry needs more qualified researchers and teaching faculty and well-skilled workers to work in this industry to prosper.

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