A human has to face a range of bacterial infections and other diseases from birth to death in the different stages of his life. He is often subjected to multiple kinds of antibiotics or even injections to get the ailment cured. According to the information given by the pharma manufacturer in India, amoxicillin/clavulanic acid in powder form is a penicillin-type antibiotic used for the treatment of multiple bacterial infections in patients

What is oral suspension?

It is observed that usually, the oral suspension is prescribed by doctors/ medical practitioners for the treatment of bacterial infections in the ear, throat, nose, genitourinary tract and infections associated with the skin. As per the co-amoxiclav manufacturer in India, oral suspension in powder form must be consciously taken by using a measuring device and according to the recommended dosage. It is advised not to rely on household applications like spoons and follow doctor instructions properly. Also, it is suggested to take the medicine at the same time each day till the treatment is completed.

The co-amoxiclav powder by pharmaceutical formulation companies in India is also used to cure stomach or intestinal ulcers caused by the bacteria named H. pylori. It assists in preventing them from returning to the patient’s body. `

How to use co-amoxiclav orally?

The measured dose of medicine can be asked to be mixed with water, milk, juice, ginger ale or other supporting beverages for the cure. For effective results, the medical practitioner might ask the patient to mix the dosage right before consuming the drink. It implies that keeping the mixed powder of co-amoxiclav for a long time in liquid can reduce the impact of medicine to a great extent. Furthermore, it is often said by doctors to drink plenty of fluids and keep an appropriate gap of 8-12 hours between the dosages for quick results

The quantity of powdered medicine to be consumed by the patient varies according to the type of infection, severity, age and the patient’s body reactions to the treatment. Moreover, this medicine should be continued for the full course for effective results.

What are the clinical particulars of co-amoxiclav powder?

According to the data available in the pharmaceutical sector, co-amoxiclav powder is used in the treatment of the following medical conditions in children and adult patients – 

• Acute bacterial sinusitis after adequate diagnosis

• Acute otitis media

• Adequately diagnosed severity of chronic bronchitis

• Community-acquired pneumonia

• Cystitis

• Pyelonephritis

• Skin & soft tissue infections like animal bites, cellulitis, and severe dental abscess with spreading cellulitis.

• Bone & joint infections, particularly osteomyelitis.

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Some bacterial infections require longer periods of treatment depending on how the patient’s body responds to the medicine. Irrespective of how his body responds to the powder formulation, it is always a good idea to purchase co-amoxiclav from a trusted manufacturer. Medicef Pharma is a leadingpharmaceutical formulation companies in Indiahaving the moniker “The Clav People” in the global pharmaceutical market. We follow a stringent methodology approved by Food & Drug organizations to meet worldwide demands easily. To place your order for quality amoxiclav powder at budget-friendly prices, just reach out to us. 

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