Bacterial infections are often considered as analogous. The bacterial diseases have been a major part of illnesses across the world. According to available data, in the 20th century, pneumonia was the major cause for death and proved to be a life threat until its remedial doses were found out.

Antibiotics for Bacterial Diseases

These bacterial infections are usually treated by antibiotics provided by the pharma manufacturers in India. Moreover, a few steps like Improved sanitation, Proper dosage vaccination, Antibiotics like amoxicillin and clav India have reduced the bacterial infections. But, strains of diseases that showcase antibiotic-resistance have further caused resurgence in some illnesses. This is where the pharmaceutical formulation companies in India step forward. These pharma manufacturers in India have advanced technological methods for authentic production of antibiotic drugs.

What is amoxicillin tablet?


Antibiotics which come under the family same as penicillin are prescribed by the medical practitioners for bacterial diseases. Hence, the recommendation for amoxicillin and clav India is high as it is the most prescribed drug by doctors in pharmaceutical sector.

The pharma manufacturers in India have classified amoxicillin as a penicillin antibiotic. As most antibiotics can cause adverse effects on the consumer, this drug is given with a combination of clavulanate table. The pharmaceutical formulation companies in India have an in-depth are aware of this combination. This drug is mostly used in treatment of infections:

The pharma manufacturers in India usually advice the consumers to take this tablet only after prescription to avoid any adverse side-effects.

Side-effects of amoxicillin and clav India

Every allopathic medicine – drug or injection is known to have a specific side-effect on the patient’s body. As per the data available, a person who consumes this tablet can show the following side-effects:

  • Changes in taste
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea

Also, amoxicillin and clav India suppliers reveal, some side-effects could be severe and lead to problems like – rashes, difficulty in swallowing, skin blisters. Cases of difficulty in breathing, bloody stools, wheezing, itching and hives have been reported.

The pharmaceutical formulation companies in India who supply these tablets make prescription mandatory for these drugs. Moreover, if you think that the ill-effects of amoxicillin are extreme, you should stop taking the pill immediately and switch to emergency medicines to subside the effects. To ensure you have a proper dose of medication, always get your tablets from a valid manufacturer.

Pharma Manufacturers in India

As you follow the directions given by your doctor, purchasing the tablet from a supplier who can guarantee quality amoxicillin and clav India drugs becomes your prime aim. Medicef Pharma is a leading amoxicillin pharma manufacturer, whose motto is to produce quality drugs using innovative technologies. We are a certified manufacturer by major Food and Drugs authorities worldwide. We are committed to providing wellness tablets to our clients to ensure good health. To get our quality supplies, contact us.

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