Brief Overview Of Pharma Manufacturing

Manufacturing of pharmaceutical products is not an easy process. Not only does the whole process require a special set up equipped with the necessary machinery, but a lot of attention must be paid at each step of the manufacturing of drugs. The staff working in pharma manufacturing units need to possess the required skill set to conduct research, prepare the correct formula and monitor the entire process of drug manufacturing.

To avoid these cumbersome tasks many conglomerates have been restoring to pharma contract manufacturing in India.

One of the most important aspects of pharma manufacturing is deciding and perfecting the formulae of the drug/drugs.

Deciding The Formulation Of Medicines

Each medicine is different in its action on the human body; and each medicine also has a distinct formula specifically designed for itself. Medicines may have a herbal base or may be manufactured by using a single or multiple pharmaceutical agents. It is not only the ingredients of a medicine that decide its therapeutic properties, but also the proportion of the ingredients that are used.

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) decides the formula of the drugs manufactured by pharma formulation companies in India. The number of active ingredients used in a drug and their proportion depends on a number of factors. These factors include the target group of the drug, the purpose of the drug and the presumed general health of most of the patients who would consume it.

A lot of thought and research goes into experimenting with and finalizing the formula of medicines. Let us know how things can take a turn for the worse if due attention is not paid to the formula of medicines.

Hazards Of Using The Wrong Active Ingredient In Medicines

The same medicines which are very helpful in recovering your health to its normal self, when suffering from a disease, have the potential to display harmful health effects if taken in excess or taken wrongly. But what would happen if a drug itself had an excess or less of their required active ingredients?

The resultant imbalance between the active ingredients of the drug may fail to have the desired therapeutic action, and may also end up causing the patient more discomfort that he/she is already experiencing due to his/her illness. Patients may even develop an undesirable allergic response to an active ingredient of the drug if it is present in excess in the drug.

Eg: Manufacturers of amoxicillin and clav in India are not allowed to exceed the amount of either of the active ingredients in combination preparations of the drug.

Pharma manufacturers who fail to adhere to the protocol of pharmaceutical formulation are at risk of being banned from venturing in the pharma field or having their manufacturing licenses cancelled permanently.

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