What Is A Semi Finished Pharma Formulation?

A semi finished formulation is an intermediate product obtained during the process of drug manufacturing. Drug manufacturing is a tedious process involving the admixture of a single or multiple pharmaceutical ingredients with a neutral base or medium. The ratio of each ingredient must be well balanced with all others to result in a perfectly manufactured final product.
A semi finished formulation has at least one active pharmaceutical ingredient that will have the desired therapeutic effect. Eg: A semi finished formulation of co amoxiclav is already ingrained with amoxiclav and is only to undergo a few more steps of the long procedure of drug manufacturing, to give the finished product.

Salient Features Of An Ideal Semi Finished Formulation

  • Pure And Unadulterated

A semi formulation will only produce a potent drug upon processing, when it is pure in form without any admixture. Drug manufacturing companies perform a thorough scrutiny of the semi finished formulation they wish to purchase for drug manufacturing. This prevents unsafe and unadulterated drugs from being sold to people.

  • Easy To Process

The very idea of semi finished formulations is to make the process of drug manufacturing less tedious. Most pharma formulation companies in India produce semi finished formulations that can be used easily for manufacturing tablets, capsules, sprays, medicated powders etc.

  • Premedicated

As mentioned earlier, every semi finished formulation must have an active pharmaceutical ingredient as its component. It is very important to ensure that the proportion of this active ingredient is accurately balanced with the other ingredients of the drug. Only then will it produce a finished product that can have the desired effect on a particular health disorder.

Advantages Of Using A Semi Finished Formulation

Pharma manufacturing companies have to establish and maintain a huge set up in order to run the process of drug manufacturing smoothly. Semi-finished formulations are a blessing, as they help save time, efforts and money spent in the end-to-end procedure of drug manufacturing.

A pharma company involved in manufacturing amoxiclav tablets will opt for a semi finished formulation of amoxiclav. This way, they can easily skip many steps of drug manufacturing like obtaining amoxiclav, balancing the proportion of amoxiclav with other non pharmaceutical ingredients and storage of the raw material to name a few.

There are companies who deal exclusively in obtaining or manufacturing semi finished formulations, and they have tie ups with pharma contract manufacturers. The latter in turn, focus solely on converting the semi finished formulations into potent finished products.

Such division of work helps to ensure better quality of finished products and hastens the process of pharma manufacturing.

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