The pharmaceutical industry is considered the world’s biggest industry and has a worldwide turnover of approximately US$2.8 trillion. With new medical challenges such as the recent Covid-19 raising up its ugly head, manufacturers across the world are now engaged in a fierce battle to make maximum profits and ensure they reach a large audience.

Why have pharma manufacturers in India become dubious?

Batch process manufacturing from seed to unit dose

The current situation has presented various opportunities for pharmaceutical contract manufacturing in India but has also come with a large of challenges. Hence, the pharma manufacturers are in a dilemma as no one can stand in two boats at the same time. A few challenges for them are:

· Pressure to make the cost affordable
The pharma manufacturers in India are under constant pressure from the government and civil society to make the prices of generic drugs more affordable to the end-customers to cover a large percentage of the population.

· High Out-of-Pocket (OoP) Expenditure
Another grave issue is the pharma insurance providers in India have put stringent rules to decide what type of patients will be covered under their schemes which includes a specific tenure or caters to only a few IP cases and not the OP (out-patient) ones.
· Fixed Price of Patented Drugs
The companies that use the methodology of pharmaceutical contract manufacturing in India expect the Government of India to accustom a patent price for drugs for smooth distribution to dispensaries or patients.
· Fake or Spurious Medicines
In order to make some fast money, a few pharma manufacturers in India often follow an evil path of making and supplying fake versions of medicines of high-value brands adding another challenge and a negative impact for the consumers, thereby increasing health hazards. 

Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing India & its Truth:

It is a fundamental right of an individual to get quality healthcare which is a burden for the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. The pharma companies in India have to cater to a large population and its different ailments with limited resources. Even if the country is the foundation of pharmacy for the world, Indian pharmaceutics is ranked 13th and contributes to about 1.4% of the global pharmaceutical industry according to a research paper published in April 2021.

The pharma companies in India are increasingly outsourcing their manufacturing to third-party contract research organizations (CROs) as a strategy to stay upbound in this ever-competitive market. Hence, pharmaceutical contract manufacturing in India is witnessing the following Pros & Cons:


  1. Cost-effective
  2. Increased Technical Insight       
  3. High Flexibility within your company   
  4. Good scalability                                                                                                                


  1. Intellectual Property Risks
  2. Communication gap
  3. Loss of Control
  4. Difficult and time-consuming

Process to find a high-quality Provider

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As a result of this, the pharma companies are involved in producing generic as well as amoxicillin and potassium acid tablets in India.

Why amoxicillin and potassium acid tablets are required in India?

age group of antibiotics

Amoxicillin and potassium acid tablets in India are used to treat bacterial infections of various parts. These medicines are penicillin-like antibiotics which are also used to treat sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). IT is necessary to ensure the safe disposal of amoxicillin and potassium drugs in India to avoid misuse or poisoning of individuals via accidental consumption.

The amoxicillin and potassium tablets in India can be disposed of safely by following the guidelines present on the FDA’s Safe Disposal of Medicines website (

Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing has been a widely accepted policy by pharma companies in India during current pandemic times and even for prior situations. The expectations of the companies and ground reality faced by pharma manufacturers stand a testimony to the much-needed pharma development in India required if she wants to be a major contributor of medicines to the world.   

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